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PHOENIX, ARIZ., – Zuhdi Jasser, Republican Candidate for Congress in AZ-04, issued a statement today on the implications and risks of the United States’ open southern border.

“Protecting Americans residing in this country is the number one responsibility of our federal government. President Biden, his administration, and his rubber stampers in Congress have shirked that responsibility and put Americans at great risk,” said Dr. Zuhdi Jasser. “Our current situation has so many red flags. Mexico has diverted funding from their previous efforts to move migrants south. CBP reports 240,988 southern border encounters in October alone. Single adult migrants account for over half. Additionally, the New York Times reported 24,000 Chinese citizens were apprehended crossing the southern border this year, more than the last 10 years combined.”

“Our border patrol agents are overwhelmed, as evidenced by the recent closing of the Lukeville port of entry. The vast majority of migrants apprehended are being released with notices to appear. The background checks are anemic at best, since migrants often present no documentation and can take on a new identity immediately upon crossing. It’s not surprising that FBI Director Christopher Wray testified that the possibility of a terror attack on our soil is the highest he has seen.”

“If we’re going to truly take our national security seriously, sealing the border must happen immediately. We need to stop encouraging migrants to come under the promise of being given asylum, when a majority don’t qualify. We need to de-incentivize illegal immigration by setting a tone of tougher enforcement before migrants make the trip, and making it harder to live illegally once here. And we must establish a robust vetting system. These will be day one priorities of mine when I’m elected to Congress. As a veteran and an expert on terrorism and the dynamics in the Middle East, I take America’s security seriously. I’m under no illusions about the risky position our President has put us in. Action from our leaders – not just words – is imperative.”

Zuhdi Jasser is a candidate for Congressional District 4, a primary care physician in Phoenix, and a U.S. Navy veteran.