We are less than a month out from Primary Election Day. We have a country to save, and you as a voter have some important decisions to make.

A primary is the opportunity to do some critical vetting of the candidates who will represent you on November’s ballot. It’s the time to dig deep into backgrounds and track records.

I ask for your vote in the Republican primary. I ask for it because I can beat Greg Stanton. I am the only battle-tested conservative candidate in this race who will back President Trump, secure our border, and send Congressman Greg Stanton home once and for all. The titans of the conservative movement have endorsed me – from Charlie Kirk to Mark Levin to Former Senator Jon Kyl. This is no accident. They know and trust my conservatism. This stands in stark contrast to my primary opponent Kelly Cooper who voted Democrat and Green Party ballots until he ran for office, wants to coddle illegals, and supports Biden’s plan to allow 5,000 illegal immigrants a day. The contrast is clear, and the stakes are high.

Our country is on fire. We’re facing crises from our border, to our classrooms, to our wallets.

Taking on these crises will require courage to stand up to loud and unprincipled opposition while being unafraid of personal consequences. I’m no stranger to personal risk in the pursuit of defending the values I hold dear. I bring a unique history and resume to this election. I’m a doctor who served 11 years in the Navy. I was appointed to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom by the US Senate. I’m a Muslim reformer who took on Islamist radicals after 9/11. I’ve been targeted by the jihadist powers that be and didn’t run away from the fight. That should tell you one thing – If I didn’t bend to millions of Saudi dollars being directed against me and my organization, then I won’t cave to the pressures of the D.C. swamp.

As a primary care physician of over 25 years, I fought against the overreach of COVID-19 lockdowns and kept my practice open. If I didn’t bend to intense professional pressure to walk the line of the medical establishment, then I certainly won’t cave to the pressures of the political establishment or the D.C. swamp.

I’ve also been endorsed by Mark Levin, Charlie Kirk, Glenn Beck, Senator Kyl, Senator Rick Santorum, Sal DiCiccio, and a whole spectrum of conservative leaders. Why have these distinguished figures in the conservative movement stuck their necks out for me? Because they know I am unwavering in my conservative principles and battle tested for the fight ahead of us.

In contrast, my opponent, Kelly Cooper lost last election cycle to Greg Stanton by over 12 percentage points! That’s not just a loss. That’s a disaster. Despite this, he presented himself as the “Presumptive Republican candidate” beginning in January 2023 and behaves as if he is owed this seat. You know what they say about doing the same thing and expecting different results. In fundraising, Cooper was demolished by the Stanton machine. With my national profile, I will be able to attract the type of funds to win this race.

While I was standing for conservative principles – as I have since I was in High School – Cooper was voting Democrat and Green Party ballots, despite claiming to be a lifelong conservative.

While I’ve been unequivocal in my commitment to securing our border (see my tough border plan that calls for sealing all 2,000 miles of the border, deporting Biden’s illegals, and cracking down on asylum abuse), Cooper publicly stated on his website that “we must find a fair and reasonable way to address those that are here” and supported Biden’s border plan to allow 5,000 illegal immigrants to cross daily.

Finally, let me speak on an issue close to my heart: America’s unique friendship with Israel and what’s at stake for the West in the war against Hamas and global jihad. Clearly, my position on Israel is not just a talking point, it’s a defining passion. There is a reason I’ve earned the support of longtime friends like Dr. Daniel Pipes. My debate with Cooper cemented my unique ability to defend Israel with clarity and strength, in contrast with Cooper’s flippancy and bizarre suggestion that Israel let others in the tyrannical Arab region handle Israel’s security rather than the United States.

But let’s talk about what’s really at stake in this November’s election.

The Democratic elite and their foot soldiers like Greg Stanton have lied to the American public. They lied about Russian collusion and got away with it. They lied about the Hunter laptop and got away with it. They lied about President Biden’s cognitive state and finally were irreversibly exposed on a national televised debate! Americans are tired of being held in contempt by the Democratic elites. They don’t want to be lied to anymore – about the border, about the economy, about anything. That’s why I am going to beat Greg Stanton.

Don’t be mistaken. Greg Stanton is an empty suit with no national presence, platform, or engagement with our district. He can certainly be beaten by the right candidate. If there is anything I’ve learned in walking our district is how little support he has and how shallow the support he has is. This district – which will be on the map nationally – has been won by Republicans like Governor Doug Ducey and Treasurer Kimberly Yee with data from the last cycle. Our district needs someone with my tone, tenor, character, consistent conservatism, and community roots. I have a history of standing consistently for conservative values, bringing together coalitions, and serving members of our community as a primary care physician for over 25 years. Radical Leftist Greg Stanton no longer fits this district, where 38% of voters are Independent and Republican registration outpaces Democratic registration. I can speak to our voters in a direct, personal, transparent way that disarms my opponents and can retire Greg Stanton.

Stanton exemplifies that cushy life of the career politician: get into office and stay there forever at any cost. Be complicit in Biden’s insane border policies. Stay silent about the leader of the free world having dementia. But those days are over. Stand with me. I won’t just be a seat in Congress, I’ll be your voice.

I believe more strongly in America than ever, even as our freedom and values are more at risk than ever before. It’s the country where my parents sought refuge from a tyrannical dictatorship, embraced American values, and taught me to cherish American freedom. Despite our slide, we are still that shining city on a hill that is drawing so many to seek the promise of America. We must renew America’s promise for our children and grandchildren before it’s too late.

Please help me get America back to being America.