By: Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Congressional Candidate for AZ-04 (April 17, 2024)

If we’re wondering why the next generation is embracing woke ideas and hating the country that has given them freedom, look no further than our education system. That’s where it begins, and at younger and younger ages. How can we expect to produce a new generation of ready leaders who understand America’s promise from a system that seems bent on producing activists of a different kind?

The education of the next generation is a solemn responsibility that belongs first and foremost in the hands of parents.

We have to act, and quickly.

ICYMI, I just released my 8-point Education Reform Plan.

  1. Return Control to Parents and Local Districts
  2. Pass a Parent’s Bill of Rights
  3. Advance School Choice Constitutionally
  4. Reduce the Federal Role in Education
  5. Restrict the “Lawmaking” Power of the Department of Education
  6. Pursue Nonprofit Civics Solutions
  7. Revoke Visas for Students who Endorse or Espouse Terrorism
  8. Protect Women’s and Girls’ Sports

I have spent my career running into the fire. Our country is on fire, and that fire is beginning in our K-12 schools – much of it driven by shutting parents out, federal government control and radical bureaucrats. If you’re ready to see real reforms enacted, I’m your candidate.

It was my parents who instilled patriotism in me from my earliest memories. They taught me that in America we could be more free to practice our beliefs and realize our dreams than anywhere in the world. It shaped me into who I am today and prepared me to take on the critical fights to protect our safety and our freedom – whether it was in the U.S. Navy, taking on radical Islamism, or standing up to the medical establishment during COVID-19.

Today’s students desperately need that foundation.