By: Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Congressional Candidate for AZ-04 (March 28, 2024)

Primary races are a chance to bet the candidate who will represent us on the ballot and make sure we’re putting the most battle tested, effective, trustworthy, tried and true conservative, up against Greg Stanton in November. Because while it’s a winnable race, it certainly won’t be an easy one.

So allow me to make my case for why I should be your fighter in November.

First, I’m battle tested. Our country is on fire. We’re facing crises from our border, to our classrooms, to our wallets. We need someone who is not only unafraid, but has a track record of running into fires and putting them out. You can read my full story here, but I’ll give you the highlights. I’m the son of immigrants who fled political persecution in Syria and immigrated legally to the U.S. to experience the freedom offered here. I grew up with a deep sense of patriotism as a result. That led me to serve 11 years in the U.S. Navy. Then after 9/11, I spoke out publicly against radicals Islamists within my own faith and received death threats that put myself and my family at risk. Finally, I stood up to the medical establishment during COVID-19, questioned the lockdowns and refused to close my practice. Anyone in the medical field during that time will know that standing up came at great professional risk.

Second, I’m battle vetted. You don’t want surprises from your candidate in the eleventh hour. That’s why it should give you comfort that between my Navy service, my work as a physician to Congress and SCOTUS, my very public work against radical Islamism, and my appointment by the U.S. Senate to the International Commission on Religious Freedom, I have been thoroughly vetted in the official sense and in the court of public opinion. There won’t be any surprises come October — or at any time. I am what you see.

Third, I have solutions. I don’t just offer talking points. I put specific solutions on paper so you can see exactly how I plan to address the crises we face when I’m representing you. I put out a robust 8-point border plan that spans sealing the border to deporting Biden’s illegals and cracking down on asylum abuse and Sanctuary Cities. Two more bold plans on issues of importance will be released in the coming weeks. There is more to come.

It is imperative that we defeat Greg Stanton, and I hope I’ve given you confidence that I’m your best choice to do that. It would be an honor to earn your trust and your vote.

In addition, I need your help financial support.

With the battle for control of the House this November, AZ-04 will be a state in play. The left will be throwing all the resources they can from their donor’s deep pockets.

Help me go toe-to-toe with Greg Stanton.